Imperial Delight Bougainvillea
Imperial Delight also known as Imperial Thai Delight. The 'Imperial Thai Delight' Bougainvillea Plant produces Light Pink and White combination flowers. Imperial Thai Delight does well in all applications as responds to pruning on trellis or as patio tree. However, this plant does equally as well when aggressively pruned into a bush or hanging basket as the runners tend to trail more readily than other varieties. If left to grow to maturity, will reach 10-20 feet high and 6-9 feet wide with medium dense foliage and stickers.

Produces sharp spines on its vines. Plant is a heavy feeder and will yellow out readily if deprived of nutrients especially iron. In the South eastern U.S. Imperial Thai Delight flowers from August to June. The plants will, however, slow the growth pattern heavily during extreme cold in January and February. Evergreen.
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