California Gold Bougainvillea
California Gold named for its yellow to to gold brightly colored bracts that form "flowers". The true flowers are very small and white. Blooms summer to fall. This plant is one of the best for displaying lots of color for most of the summer. The 'California Gold' Bougainvillea Plant produces flowers that change from pale gold to orangey-bronze as they emerge and then mature. Arching sprays of flower bracts provide vivid color in warm months on large evergreen vines with 3" ovate leaves. Reaches 25' to 40' tall. Excellent cover for banks or walls. Spiral the flowering stems up posts and columns, or use the California Gold to wind through wrought iron panels or fences. Great in containers for hanging baskets in cooler areas.

An older hybrid that is still the best of the yellows. Bloom reaches its peak in summer, but in mildest-winter regions flowers may appear from spring through fall, and even into winter. California Gold is extremely heat tolerant, even in the desert southwest and will remain an evergreen in frost-free zones. Evergreen.
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